Bubb Park Mothers & Dogs Society
A Collection of Memories
2001 through 2021

Plus some Bubb School Events & Projects and Bagels & Babies Events and CPNA Events.

Here's your menu page for finding the memories of Bubb Park Potlucks. It's a sampling of the good times had by kids, dogs and families over the years. It's fun to see the appearance of new faces, and bring back images of friends who have moved on from Bubb Park, but whose memories will live on in our hearts. There are lots of other links to Bubb School activities too - just scroll down to the bottom. We adapted to the constraints of COVID-19 with some Cuesta Park neighborhood activites and have added those too.

For some background, BPMDS started back around 2000 from the association of dogs and kids who were regulars at Bubb Park. As it happens, you might know the dog's name, or the kid's name but maybe didn't connect with the parents names. Our founders included, Jenny Patterson with dog Kenai, Karen Price with dog McKinley, Wendy Yee with dog Niko, Vera Kark with dog Link and Rick Van Mell with dog Teak. So we started a list and passed it around. Then one day we thought about having a potluck in the park at the "Mushroom Tables" at the Barbara Street end of Bubb Park.

BPMDS regulars and new families are always welcome to join the fun. It's a great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It's all based on the simple premise that Bubb Park neighbors, their kids and dogs, are a fun community that just enjoys occasional opportunities to get together and hang out in Bubb Park over some food while the kids play. And, really, you don't have to have a dog or kids to join the fun! Ages 8 weeks to 80 years are often in attendance. Some pages below have lists of who attended, others just pictures and perhaps a paragraph or two about the event. The pictures below are the group shots from each year. See how many faces you can remember!

If you have questions, or would like to join the fun, you can try contacting Rick Van Mell, who put most of the pages together, at vanmells@ix.netcom.com.

Links to Bubb Park Mothers & Dogs Events

Iron Cheff Letter "S" 9-27-19 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-27-19/bpmds9-27-19.html
Back to Classerole 8-23-19 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-23-19/bpmds8-23-19.html
Flag Day 6-14-19 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-14-19/bpmds6-14-19.html
Green, White, Red 5-10-19 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-10-19/bpmds5-10-19.html
Good Neighbor Day 9-28-18 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-28-18/bpmds9-28-18.html
Back to Classerole 8-24-18 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-24-18/bpmds8-24-18.html
Iron Chef - Letter "C" 6-15-18 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-15-18/bpmds6-15-18.html
Fall Fun - Letter "F" 9-29-17 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-29-17/bpmds9-29-17.html
Back to Classerole 8-25-17 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-25-17/bpmds8-25-17.html
Cool as a Cucumber 7-28-17 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-28-17/bpmds7-28-17.html
Summer Heat 6-23-17 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-23-17/bpmds6-23-17.html
Merry Month of May 5-12-17 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-12-17/bpmds5-12-17.html
Back To Classerole 8-26-16 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-26-16/bpmds8-26-16.html
Fun & Fresh 7-22-16 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-22-16/bpmds7-22-16.html
Thrill of the Grill 6-26-16 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-26-16/bpmds6-26-16.html
The Rice of Spring 5-27-16 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-27-16/bpmds5-27-16.html
Iron Chef - Letter "P" 10-23-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds10-23-15/bpmds10-23-15.html
Back To Classerole 8-21-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-21-15/bpmds8-21-15.html
Red, White & Blue 7-10-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-10-15/bpmds7-10-15.html
California Special 6-12-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-12-15/bpmds6-12-15.html
Mexican! 5-8-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-8-15/bpmds5-8-15.html
March Madness 3-27-15 http://rvm1.org/bpmds3-27-15/bpmds3-27-15.html
Iron Chef - Letter B 9-26-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-26-14/bpmds9-26-14.html
Back To Classerole 8-22-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-22-14/bpmds8-22-14.html
Iron (Junior) Chef - Honey (7-21-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-21-14/bpmds7-21-14.html
Grillin & Chillin 7-18-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-18-14/bpmds7-18-14.html
Spring into Salads 6-5-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-5-14/bpmds6-5-14.html
Around The World 5-2-14 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-2-14/bpmds5-2-14.html
Chuckwagon Cookout 10-27-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds10-27-13/bpmds10-27-13.html
Iron Chef - Letter "S" 9-28-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-28-13/bpmds9-28-13.html
Back To Classerole 8-23-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-23-13/bpmds8-23-13.html
Iron Chef - Corn 7-26-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-26-13/bpmds7-26-13.html
Kids Favorites / Kids Cook 7-5-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-5-13/bpmds7-5-13.html
Red, White & Blue 5-27-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-27-13/bpmds5-27-13.html
Last Name Special 4-19-13 http://rvm1.org/bpmds4-19-13/bpmds4-19-13.html
Harvest Bounty 10-12-12 http://rvm1.org/bpmds10-12-12/bpmds10-12-12.html
Bagels & Babies BBQ 8-18-12 http://rvm1.org/bnb8-18-12/BnB8-18-12.html
Sticks & Bones 8-3-12 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-3-12/bpmds8-3-12.html
Sausage Delights 6-15-12 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-15-12/bpmds6-15-12.html
Bubb Park Remodel 6-2-12 http://rvm1.org/bpremodel6-2-12/bpremodel6-2-12.html
Cinco de Mayo 5-4-12 http://rvm1.org/bpmds12-05-04/bpmds5-4-12.html
Fall Fare 11-4-11 http://rvm1.org/bpmds11-4-11/bpmds11-4-11.html
Iron Chef Bubb: Cheese 10-6-11 http://rvm1.org/bpmds10-6-11/bpmds10-6-11.html
Alphabet Soup 8-26-11 http://rvm1.org/bpmds8-26-11/bpmds8-26-11.html
Just Desserts 7-10-11 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-10-11/
Picnic In The Park 6-2-11 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-2-11/bpmds6-2-11.html
A Royal Feast April 29, 2011 http://rvm1.org/bpmds4-29-11/rf.html
Kid's Pick potluck October 22, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds10-22-10/bpmds10-22-10.html
Letter "P" potluck September 10, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds9-10-10/bpmds9-10-10.html
Family Favorites July 29, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds7-29-10/bpmds7-29-10.html
Local or Home Made June 18, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds6-18-10/bpmds6-18-10.html
Mexican! May 13, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds5-13-10/bpmds5-13-10.html
Where's the Beef? March 19, 2010 http://rvm1.org/bpmds03-19-10/bpmds3-19-10.html
Harvest Fun, October 1, 2009 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds10-1-09/bpmds10-1-09.html
Back to Classerole, August 27, 2009 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds8-27-09/bpmds8-27-09.html
Salad Fest, July 22, 2009 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds7-22-09/bpmds7-22-09.html
Summer Favorites, June 23, 2009 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds6-23-09/bpmds6-23-09.html
Taste Bud Stimulus, April 23, 2009 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds4-23-09/bpmds4-23-09.html
Pot Luck - Something In A Pot, October 16, 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds10-16-08/bpmds10-16-08.html
Iron Chef Bubb - Chicken, August 27, 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds8-27-08/bpmds8-27-08.html
Iron Chef Bubb - Corn, July 11, 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds7-11-08/bpmds7-11-08.html
Bloomsday, June 16, 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds6-16-08/bloomsday08.html
Neighborhood Ducks, May 10, 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/ducks/ducks.html
Going Green, May 2008 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds5-1-08/goinggreen.html
Flat Out Fun, September 2007 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds9-13-07/bpmds9-13-07.html
Keep Cool, July 11, 2007 (no pictures)  
Wrap Up for Summer Fun, June 2007 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds6-15-07/bpmds-wrap-6-15-07.html
Cinco de Mayo, May 2007 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds5-4-07/cinco5-4-07.html
Lucky 13th, October 2006 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds10-13-06/lucky13.html
Farm & Garden Goodies August 2006 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds8-2-06/bpmds8-2-06.html
Summer Solstice, June 2006 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds6-29-06/bpmds6-29-06.html
Dip In To Spring 2006 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds4-27-06/dipspring06.html
Last Call for Fall, October 20, 2005 (no pictures)  
Back To Classerole, September 2005 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds9-14-05/bpmds9-14-05.html
Dog Days Of Summer, July 2005 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds7-27-05/bpmds7-27-05.html
Finger Foods, May 2005 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds5-24-05/bpmds5-24-05.html
Summer Salads, July 2004 http://www.rvm1.org/Bubb7-04/BP7-04.html
Song Fest, 2-28-2004 http://www.rvm1.org/songfest2-28-04/songfest2-28-04.html
Potluck May 2, 2002 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds5-2-02/bpmds5-2-02.html
Potluck March 27, 2002 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds3-27-02/bpmds3-27-02.html
Potluck March 26, 2001 http://www.rvm1.org/bpmds3-26-01/bpmds3-26-01.html

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Here are some Bubb & Graham School links too.

Williamsbubb Day 2019: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb19/williamsbubb19.html

Williamsbubb Day 2018: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb18/williamsbubb18.html

Williamsbubb Day 2017: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb17/williamsbubb17.html

Williamsbubb Day 2016: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb16/williamsbubb16.html

Williamsbubb Pedlar Cart 2016: http://rvm1.org/williamsbubbpedlarcart/williamsbubbpedlarcart.html

Williamsbubb Day 2015: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb15/williamsbubb15.html

Flash Mob of "Happy" for Mary Dietrich's Retirement: http://rvm1.org/MD-retire/MD%20retire.html

Williamsbubb Day 2014: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb14/williamsbubb14.html

Williamsbubb Shop Frames 2014: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb-frames/williamsbubb-frames-2014.html

Graham Grad Dance 2013: http://www.rvm1.org/graham6-1-13/graham6-1-13.html

Williamsbubb Day 2013: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb13/williamsbubb13.html

Williamsbubb Day 2011: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb11/williamsbubb11.html

Williamsbubb Day 2010: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb10/williamsbubb10.html

Williamsbubb Day 2009: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb09/williamsbubb09.html

Williamsbubb Day 2008: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb08/williamsbubb08.html

Williamsbubb Day 2007: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb07/williamsbubb07.html

Bubb Garden Building June 2007: http://rvm1.org/bubbgarden/bubbgarden.html

Williamsbubb Day 2006: http://www.rvm1.org/williamsbubb/wmbubb.html

Cannon building project for the Williamsbubb day: http://www.rvm1.org/bubbcannon/bubbcannon.html

Here are links to two of Eric Lipanovich's Halloween Haunts:


Here are some links to CPNA-related events and Picnics in the neighborhood:

CPNA Dog Halloween 2021
CPNA Ice Cream Social 9-26-21.html
CPNA Halloween 2020
CPNA Sidewalk Art 3/20/20
CPNA Annual Picnic 9/14/14
Pillar Point Tide Pools 11/17/13
CPNA Annual Picnic 9-21-13.html
CPNA Annual Picnic 9-17-11